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Lumen Therapeutics is a privately held, development stage biopharmaceutical company focused on proprietary drugs based on oligo-L-arginine.

The company’s lead product has completed a Phase I/IIa clinical trial for the prevention of vein graft failure after bypass graft surgery. Several additional molecules are in preclinical development.

Lumen’s lead product (LT-1951) exploits the unique ability of small peptides containing L‑arginine to penetrate into blood vessels and prevent vascular stenosis by increasing the local concentration of nitric oxide. Such peptides have been shown to block the occurrence of vascular stenosis in animals that have undergone vein graft procedures similar to those used in CABG, PABG and AVS.

Stanford University scientists who did early preclinical research in this field, discovered and patented Lumen's lead product candidates. These scientists, who are Lumen's founders, believe that the proprietary peptide agents will prove to be highly effective in the prevention of vascular stenosis in CABG, PABG, and AVS. Additional clinical applications of the Company's technology are in development.


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